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About AF

AltaForma exists to help bridge the gap between our disciplers abroad and the rest of the western church. Too often, missionaries fall through the cracks - The Church needs to stay engaged with Kingdom Advancement.


Discipleship is the lifeblood of The Church, and thrust of the commission... AF believes that rekindling the flame of discipleship in the church is the only way forward with the Commission.


Only discipleship can equip The Church to 'Go', and to replicate. The Commission requires us to reach Unreached People Groups, and disciple them as well. Crossing the divides of culture and language will require intentional preparation and support.

Stay Connected

Coming Soon... We want to help missionaries stay connected back home. We want to provide them with tools to raise support more effectively, connections with like-minded disciplers, and eventually a platform for them to share and connect with one another.

Check out the ONLY Discipleship Magazine on the web.


…and make disciples,”


There are thousands of people groups on our Planet, that still have absolutely no access to scripture in a language they can understand. You can be a part of accomplishing the Commission.

We cannot be content to watch through our digital windows into the work going on to reach our world, we must ourselves go and make disciples.

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